Claned Webshop

Now you can purchase the Claned learning platform right here, from our online shop.

Here, you can proceed at your own pace, without salespeople breathing down your neck, pushing forward before you feel comfortable with how you have thought things through.

Want a free and private test drive? Just register to the shop with your email and you got your free ride without any commitment (aka spending money).

Want to run a short course for real before committing? No problem there - just buy an affordable Claned Starter Pack.

Take your time to compare our LMS and license packs to whatever you want, whenever you want. We are pretty sure you will like what we got for you.

After purchase, you will receive your goods immediately and you'll be building courses in no time with our full customer support available for you.

Don't hesitate to contact if you have questions or issues, or if you want to book a traditional guided demo from our salespeople instead of, or in addition to, exploring the platform on your own.